Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It was recently brought to my attention that I haven't updated my blog since August.. who knew???
So, as I'm sitting here at my desk at work, with nothing to do (because despite what Dave thinks, the phone REALLY does only ring when he's not here) I decided to update the blogging world on my life, if there is in fact anyone left that actually visits this site. (doubtful)
I have a tattoo update. As some of you may know, I have always wanted a little tattoo on my foot. My parents are tyrannical, and said that I could get a tattoo if and ONLY if I was prepared to be on my own financially. Now, to be honest, I've often wondered if this was only a scare tactic, or if they would ACTUALLY cut me off financially. In any case, I'm about two and a half months away from being cut off anyway, so I'm in the clear as far as the tattoo is concerned. You see, the draw to the tattoo on my foot was that it was unique. Many people have stupid little tattoos on their lower backs, or hips (no offense if YOU happen to have one of those stupid little tattoos) but not a lot of people have tattoos on their feet. However, recently I have noticed more and more foot tattoos. Sadly, I'm afraid that tattoos on feet are becoming ubiquitous among members of my generation. So, despite my looming freedom (you don't expect "looming" and "freedom" to be side-by-side in a sentence... until "freedom" becomes synonomis with "poor") I don't think I will be getting a tattoo anytime soon.

On a different note... Luke and I bought a house. We closed March 30th, so Luke is moved in, we have some accent walls painted, and we've made valiant strides toward decorating. Our couches are being shipped from overseas, so they won't arrive until May (despite the fact that we ordered them in the beginning of March). And, believe it or not, a house doesn't actually look put together with dining room chairs as the seating in the living room. Our washer and dryer also wasn't in stock when we ordered it, and then there was a delay, so Luke has been wearing dirty clothes for a month now. (I'm mostly kidding).
We love it, which is a good thing since it makes us very very poor every month :-) and we're excited to start our life together in a place that we can call our own.
We're hoping to start on landscaping the backyard as soon as possible, so you all can come for a BBQ.

I'm still waiting on some construction setbacks that are keeping me from starting my new job as the office manager at Total Property Resources. I'm one book away from finishing my real estate license training course (although, I HAVE been one book away for a lot of months now) life got a little crazy, and I need to motivate myself to finish the stupid course. In the meantime, I'm still nannying, and coordinating the childcare for Mothers of Preschoolers, and as of recently, I'm assisting in the office of Cornerstone Appraisal.

Life is good. Wedding planning is coming along (at least I think it is). And Jesus still continues to overwhelm me with really good things.

-there you have it... an updated blog... so until next year... ;-)