Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yesterday was Nicolette and Lindsay's birthday... yeah.. they have the same stinkin' birthday. They like to celebrate their "birth week" instead of their birth DAY, so they drag out the whole occasion... well this year I was in charge of planning for them, and I put my foot down... NO weeklong celebration. So in an act of mercy and love I decided to give them a FULL day of birthday-ness. Every hour for 12 hours yesterday they had a different friend deliver them roses and a little card that said one special thing about them. Then we all went to dinner and had a little party at the guys' house. Here are some pictures...

Lindsay doing birthday devotions at Bellataza

Roses (these were the 10:00 roses), coffee, outside table, the Lord... what a good day....

Nico doing HER birthday devotions...
Birthday dinner with the crew

Yeah... these are some GOOD lookin' birthday girls
We added a 3rd Crazy to this picture
I realize that this looks like we're standing in a circle and praying... and you're thinking to yourself... how spiritual they are, taking the time to intercede at a party... but ......... the truth is... they're all dancing to Justin Timberlake... I'm ashamed to say it
More dancing....
and still... MORE dancing...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Wedding Time!!
no... not my OWN wedding yet.. someday though.. someday :-)
Luke and I drove up to a little town just south of Vancouver BC on Friday (a good 8 hour drive) stayed with his parents in their motor home, went to his cousin Yvonne's wedding on Saturday, and drove back all day Sunday in the motor home (increased to a 12 hour drive.. but WAY better in the motor home)
The wedding was beautiful, the food was iffy, the people were drunk.. all in all.. it was a good time :-)
We watched LOTS of 24 in the motor home on the way back, did some napping, and some eating, and some talking.
well.. you can just look at the pictures.. I didn't really take all that many.. but enough for you to get the idea.
Luke in the car on the way to the wedding
Driving.. somewhere.... to breakfast maybe??
Luke in his tux before the wedding.. really the fact that he's in his tux PROVES that it's before the wedding, because he and his dad both changed out of their tuxes RIGHT after the ceremony was done...
Being an usher means being an offical "chair mover" too apparently..
RIGHT before Luke took off his tux.. I figured that pictures would look nicer like this than with him in jeans and a tee-shirt
ah.. yeah that's cute :-)
"Stop messing around.. we're trying to take pictures..." such is my life....

Monday, August 14, 2006

These pictures are random, but I haven't had my camera with me in a long time, and it's been a REALLY long time since I posted something on here... so I figure they're better than nothing.

Me, Stephenie (Schphinecaux) and Austin (Dumpy Face) on the drive to the coast for Oneighty Summer Camp. You might be saying to yourself, "Wow Self, that would have been so amazing to be able to drive in a car and not have to ride the busses with all of those crazy loud obnoxious kids.." But let me tell you, I WAS still with crazy loud obnoxious kids... we just happened to be in a car.. and those crazy obnoxious kids happened to have already graduated from high school... and I may have happened to be one of them... good times.. good times.. good and frustrating times :-) I love you guys

Stephenie and Chloe at the first MOPS North Steering meeting. Chloe is quite possibly the most beautiful little girl in the whole world.. and her baby sister... crazy cute..... Stephenie on the other hand......... well.......