Monday, August 21, 2006

Wedding Time!!
no... not my OWN wedding yet.. someday though.. someday :-)
Luke and I drove up to a little town just south of Vancouver BC on Friday (a good 8 hour drive) stayed with his parents in their motor home, went to his cousin Yvonne's wedding on Saturday, and drove back all day Sunday in the motor home (increased to a 12 hour drive.. but WAY better in the motor home)
The wedding was beautiful, the food was iffy, the people were drunk.. all in all.. it was a good time :-)
We watched LOTS of 24 in the motor home on the way back, did some napping, and some eating, and some talking.
well.. you can just look at the pictures.. I didn't really take all that many.. but enough for you to get the idea.
Luke in the car on the way to the wedding
Driving.. somewhere.... to breakfast maybe??
Luke in his tux before the wedding.. really the fact that he's in his tux PROVES that it's before the wedding, because he and his dad both changed out of their tuxes RIGHT after the ceremony was done...
Being an usher means being an offical "chair mover" too apparently..
RIGHT before Luke took off his tux.. I figured that pictures would look nicer like this than with him in jeans and a tee-shirt
ah.. yeah that's cute :-)
"Stop messing around.. we're trying to take pictures..." such is my life....


hannah said...

ahhhh, Krisitin!
i love seeing these pictures! it's exciting to see you and Luke so happy! you look beautiful Kristin!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you see that beauty comment hannah gave you. Again, you can just direct all those compliments you've ever gotten in that dress back to me. I am the rightful owner of those compliments (and the dress). You did look pretty hot though. :)